Hope for recovery. Hope for a rich, full life.

For more than 50 years, Mended Hearts has been offering the
gift of hope and encouragement to heart patients, their families and caregivers.

Patients, spouses, family members, friends, medical professionals, Mended Hearts brings together all of us who are faced with the realities of heart disease to form a network of caring individuals. Patients discovering that they have heart disease and will need surgery or another procedure often feel scared, angry, Sad and sometimes lost.  They worry that life will never be the same and that they won’t be able to do things they could do before the surgery or procedure.

They frequently wonder if they will survive. Regardless of the circumstances, the thoughts and feelings felt by patients, parents and caregivers are universal: Did I do something to cause this?  What will my life or my child’s life be like after surgery or a heart procedure?

Will I be able to face the outcome — whatever it is? Will my family and marriage be strong enough to handle this?  Will I be able to work?  How will I make financial decisions and understand insurance issues in the middle of this nightmare?

Feelings of helplessness and loss of control are overwhelming as the patient or a child’ scare is placed in the hands of doctors and nurses speaking the foreign language of medical terms.

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